The Siamese on Catshole Lane


She lives on Catshole Lane
with all the common cats on the Isle of Man.

She’s beautiful, hot and exotic, a pure Siamese
with almond-shaped eyes as blue as the sea
and a long graceful tail.
She, an outsider shunned by all the others
for it sets her apart from all the tail less kitties.

But there is one who loves her, a magnificent grey striped male
enamored by her beauty and that amazing tail.

Each morning when she awakens
she has her catnip tea, as she waits to see
what he will bring for her to eat.
Soon, she hears a scratching
at her kitchen door,
he has brought her a present,
a delectable smorgasbord.
There’s three tiny field mice fit for his queen
a meaty plump pigeon, and a tin of sardines.

He knows she loves her fish,
so he hopes she won’t resist
when he tries to kiss
her lovely Siamese lips.
For being a Manx, and all male
he wants to be able to brag
and to his friends tell
 he stroked her magnificent tail!

©2018 Linda Lee Lyberg
Sarah is hosting Poetics tonight over at D’Verse Poets Pub and has asked use to pick a street name from the list she provided to create a poem. I chose Catshole Lane, and decided to have some fun with it!

30 Comments on “The Siamese on Catshole Lane

  1. Cat poems are right up my street, Linda! A charming feline love story. 🙂 I love that her tail ‘sets her apart from all the tail less kitties’ and that the tom brings her presents while she has her catnip tea..

    Liked by 1 person

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