River’s Edge

On this hot and humid midsummer’s eve the river calls to me as
bullfrogs croak in a throaty bass while a whippoorwill sings in the trees.

Standing at water’s edge, waves lapping onto grassy shores
closing my eyes I hear my name in this hypnotic song


Shedding the sweaty dress, burying my feet in cool sand
I listen for whispers of the river sprites as I dive in
Floating on my back in waters of indigo blue
Full moon shimmers above, creates an ethereal hue
Casting blue blush shadows upon my naked skin
Caresses from the water stirs a passion deep within
I imagine an attentive lover, with hands all over me
panting as he murmurs, let me set your desires free
The caresses become urgent, take on a life of their own
startled from my trance for naught; here I am all alone
I return to my drifting and firm hands clutching, yet again
now pulling me down deep as the sprites take over and win.
©2018 Linda Lee Lyberg


29 Comments on “River’s Edge

  1. My goodness this is incredibly sensuous, Linda! I like the image of the river as an attentive lover 💜 Beautifully rendered.

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  2. I liked the sound and sense of these two lines: “Casting blue blush shadows upon my naked skin
    Caresses from the water stirs a passion deep within”

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  3. One of my favorite lines from Phantom of the Opera is “Open up your mind, and let your fantasies unwind.” You have certainly accomplished that. Awesome poem Linda. ☺❤

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