Do You

Do you know my voice as it calls to you deep in the blue-black night?
I’ve searched so long but you, ever elusive as
shadows dancing on a sunny day,
out of reach, out of sight.
Do you know my eyes when you look at them
across the universe of space, of time
and recognize me again?

Do you know who I’ve become since you’ve gone?
I write now, everyday, from that secret place in my heart
you know the one;
where my voice cracked and disguised,
suffered abuse as my soul gasped in leadened air
listened to thoughts unheard, not a word
of dissension nor signs of unrest
only the silent hammering
of my heavy heart beating
new scars in my chest.

Do you know who I am?

©2018 Linda Lee Lyberg


28 Comments on “Do You

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  2. Beautiful, Linda. I reckon that once they remember you, they’ll be wary… because your voice pouring through that pen can annihilate them. Haunting.

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  3. Lost in space …. lovers separated by time and space…still recognizable like an old friend you haven’t seen in twenty years. Just like yesterday!

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  4. It is just awesome, deep feelings of the heart that will surely melt the other counterpart’s heart.

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  5. I love the way you address the reader directly with questions and draw them to you, Linda. Most of all I love the way you open your soul in the lines:
    ‘only the silent hammering
    of my heavy heart beating
    new scars in my chest’.

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  6. An intimate ad and I felt the lines,
    “my heavy heart beating
    new scars in my chest.”
    Just to go on surviving is not necessarily living or healing when a wounded heart holds onto its memories and pain. Thank you.

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  7. A heart meting out life and scars… I love the “blue-black night” Call out echoes of Hayden’s Blueblack cold on “Those Winter Mornings.” I think you are asking questions of yourself much like Hayden reflected questions back to himself about his Father. Deep and searching like Hayden’s poem, and centered on a question. I think poetry is most powerful in opening questions rather than providing answers.

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