He Comes

She fears the dark for then he comes
from shadowed recesses
a hastening; ragged breaths,
fetid and vile, a flurry of wings
death, a handsome beast
her heart his nightly feast,
alive yet not

as he tears her flesh
soon nothing will remain
not even the remembrance of pain
only death, welcomed now
and the vague memory
of blood stained teeth
piercing her

©2018 Linda Lee Lyberg
This is for Day 6 of the 28 Days of Unreason challenge.
Today’s challenge quote is:

“Her nights are full of the red teeth of death”- Jim Harrison

from Life / Dead Man’s Float


17 Comments on “He Comes

  1. Yes, we were on similar wavelengths–except I wasn’t certain if you meant literal Death coming every night or something else that she feared every night. Either way, it’s scary.

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  2. Well, this is complete Hell! I mean that in the very literal sense 🙂 You have painted a Gothic picture; we need a superhero to come swooping in. Great stuff!

    Liked by 1 person

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