Love Games

tic-tac-toe-1777859_1280Come, even if you have broken your vows a thousand times. 
Come, yet again, come, come. 
My heart wants to know if my love ever made a difference did it fill the emptiness,
did it ever matter?

I cry for you blood stained tears of a woman scorned but I have to ask my dear
did it ever matter?

My empty arms want to know if you miss my silken skin but again I ask my sweet,
did it ever matter?
I yearn to touch your face, gaze into your eyes, ask about the lies, but did it ever matter?
My bed now cold and empty, devoid of any joy but I beg and plead to you
did I ever matter to you or
was I but a toy?

©2018 Linda Lee Lyberg


37 Comments on “Love Games

  1. “…did it ever matter” is quite a disturbing refrain with so much sadness attached where the lack of trust and truth ruined a relationship. Sadly so many couples end this way.

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  2. Best to forget the bad and remember only the good moments, Thread them like pearls on a string and cherish those as your keepsake. ♥

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  3. Your use of the catch phrase places a different meaning and emphasis on the words. I like where this idea took your thoughts. One can relate so well.

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