When the Santa Anas rage across the desert floor they fell even mighty saguaros who’ve lived for many decades.
Howling and roaring they march, creating a wall of dust as jackrabbits run for their sheltered nests.
Hairy tarantulas scurry to their burrows, diving underground to avoid the biting winds.
On the heels of the haboob, a thunderstorm ensues. Lightning crackles in an opaque sky through all the whirling debris. The monsoon season has arrived.

Dust devils swirling
racing ahead of the storm
as desert quail moan
©2018 Linda Lee Lyberg

44 Comments on “Monsoons

  1. You have transported me to a place I’ve never been and done so most beautifully! Although, I’m okay with hairy spiders scurrying out of sight 😉

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  2. I am in the place you have described so amazingly well here. “Lightning crackles in an opaque sky through all the whirling debris.” I can hear and see the lightning. A wonderful write!

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  3. That’s a wild scene you’ve painted, Linda, and something I’ve never experienced and probably never will. It sounds exciting and terrifying all at once, with the howling and roaring, and the wall of dust. I can’t imagine watching rabbits and tarantulas scurrying to their burrows – with the tarantulas not even stopping for a bite! We get some great thunderstorms but we’ve never had dust devils!

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