Paean to a Bird

Yesterday I heard you singing sotto voce in the summer breeze
a melody of anguished longing to be shed of earth, to be flying free.

I went to you and gently spoke, can I help my little bird
you looked at me, I saw your eyes fading with the twilight
and I feared you would not last through the long dark night.

When I looked for you this morn, you seemed to be holding on
but this afternoon, I found you dead on the red rock stones
feathers still brilliant and vivid but alas,
your tiny soul had moved on.


©2018 Linda Lee Lyberg

Author’s Note: As many of you know, I have wild love birds that come to feed every day. Yesterday, I noticed one acting strange and keeping to herself. I went to her several times yesterday and I was able to get within a few inches. She didn’t fly away, but rather stared at me with her beautiful eyes. At dusk yesterday, she was feeding all alone and I went to her again. She only looked at me and continued eating. I was hoping she was getting better. This afternoon, she passed away.


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