Nature’s nocturne wafts in the evening zephyr
heralding the night as crickets sing in harmony
with cicadas rhapsody begging love to come hither.

The air is thick for a monsoon weighs heavy on the horizon
and soon the storm will drown the music that surrounds
and fills the peaceful home.


The drumming thunder pounds the hot oppressive air
as brilliant lightning strikes across the angry sky
gleeful peals of laughter ring for the Devil is waiting there.


Rending the night with a power that only God can fight,
he’s determined this will be a glorious triumphant win
as Satan teases the Lord with destructive shafts of light.


Taunting Jehovah to show him what he alone can do,
Mephistopheles spews forth a storm of grand splendor
hoping to render the Holy Spirit, split and broken in two.


But the perfect Divine Being in all his humble glory,
holds the wicked storm at bay and with one mighty breath
blows the destructive forces into the heavens and away.
©2018 Linda Lee Lyberg
Author’s Note: When I was a child, I thought storms were God and the Devil fighting. 

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