Martyr Roots

A John Tully & Tori Fisher Collaboration
There within fertile soil grows the tender shoots
of crimson beets, earthy sweet
and frilly carrot tops
creeping down into the ground
with tangled roots establishing their place
until such times as they’re picked
and land on the dinner plate.

And though their life is short,
they grow with no remorse
for they understand the course
that Mother Nature takes.

They humbly give their lives
for the sustenance of others
but until right this moment,
I never, ever thought
of vegetables as martyrs!
©2018 Linda Lee Lyberg
Author’s Note: All I can say is this is where the delightful painting took me!

21 Comments on “Martyr Roots

  1. I love the descriptions of the beets and carrots, Linda, two of my favourite vegetables:
    ‘…crimson beets, earthy sweet
    and frilly carrot tops’.
    Those final lines tickled me, too!

    Liked by 1 person

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