Under The Plum Tree

When you see white clover sprawling in the meadow
do you still think of me even though our love
once treasured, is now with regret over?
As for me I can tell you, the plum is blooming now
I remember the promises we made
underneath its burgeoning boughs
And I will wonder ever after
if you remember too.
The yellow roses came today and I read the message within
Can we please forgive and forget all we said back then
I beg you my love can we renew our cherished love again?

And so today, I measured and took stock of all we shared
with my heart still longing, and my lonesome soul laid bare
I sent to you the dried red rose you first gave to me
with this simple note, let’s meet tonight
when the moon is bright under the plum tree.


©2018 Linda Lee Lyberg



71 Comments on “Under The Plum Tree

  1. This is so weird – I found some white clover in the garden today – I’ve not seen it before in among the daisies. Your poem is romantic and wistful, Linda, a balm this hot night.

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  2. There is perhaps nothing more beautiful than reuniting with the one you love in this world. 💖 A breathtakingly ethereal love poem, Linda 😊

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  3. Linda this one really resonates for me. Those shared moments of intimacy in the most ordinary of things become immortalized. My heart says I hope he’s there, waiting for her.

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  4. Sweet, without being saccharine. It touches me, and makes me smile.


  5. Lovely romantic tale. The Plum Tree is privvy to all sorts of secrets!


  6. The “dried red rose,” speaks volumes! This is such a beautifully evocative poem, Linda. I loved hearing you read this tonight.. as your voice catered to its underlying meaning, emotion and depth. 💝💝

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  7. with this simple note, let’s meet tonight
    when the moon is bright under the plum tree.

    How nice to make up. It gives a great feeling Linda! A wonderful close


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  8. There’s a gentleness to this poem: I love the way some of the rhymes fall mid-line. Almost as though the narrator hardly dare whisper her love, but it is undeniable. Lovely!

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  9. I enjoyed your reading of this delightful, romantic poem last night, Linda, but it wasn’t until I read it this morning that I wondered if you had teleported to our wild garden, where we have a plum tree and white clover! I also remembered what was said about dried and pressed flowers being a rare thing these days, which reminded me of my grandmother’s huge family Bible, which had some really old, pressed flowers in it.

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