Heart in a Box

Why, my lady art thou blue
are barren lips longing for stolen kisses?

Your heart, locked
in a steel box of tainted hues
caustic tears sealing the hardened latch
rusted shut to never endure the blinding
light of love that betrays and never lasts.


©2018 Linda Lee Lyberg
Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

16 Comments on “Heart in a Box

  1. Oh, my.
    “caustic tears sealing the hardened latch”

    How often is it my own emotion, my own reaction and unwillingness to let something go that keeps me trapped right there? Such a powerful metaphor here, for me.

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  2. Linda this just lovely. Sad that the box is made of steel, but the light of love “never lasts.” Sigh. Light may flit about but photons are purt near indestructible, so maybe it may conquer yet. Symmetry with Jane Dougherty’s second quadrille on this prompt.

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