Garden Walk

The air is cool and apple crisp as I take an early morning walk through my garden. There is a hint of Autumn’s gold gleaming on the wings of birds as they soar through the turquoise sky.
The breeze rustles through the Mesquite tree, begging for falling leaves.
I meander taking stock; the roses need pruning and the herbs are running amok. It’s been a long, long hot summer.

shining sun, still hot-
lavender bidding adieu
summer dwindling nigh

©2018 Linda Lee Lyberg

16 Comments on “Garden Walk

  1. My herbs have given up on me picking them, forming their own little community.
    You had me at “The air is cool and apple crisp”. Even the words feel crunchy!

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  2. Autumn has been on the minds of all the poets this Monday! Summer lingers in my world, and the leaves are still lush and green … at least for now. Your words “apple crisp” remind me of autumn trips to the apple barns, where there always displays of pumpkins and gourds. Thanks for kick-starting my memories!

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