Surrender is Not


Surrender is not a stormy cloud that gives in to its grief
nor is it the rainbow that floods the sky with promise
Surrender is the letting go, of what you expect to see,
and living in the moment, allowing it to be

Succumb to the present, think not of the past,
for it is unfaltering and cannot change
Rather, open your heart to feel each blade
of verdant grass between your tender toes
Taste the fragrant wind on your tongue
as it blows across the flowering meadow
Listen to its songs, once unsung
immerse in the tender melody
And if you find yourself being fully present
your heart will smile at your  complete surrender
for your trapped ego is at last letting go

©2018 Linda Lee Lyberg

Author’s Note: Joining in this month as time permits!
Exploring poetry in all its forms.

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