Drifting Time

time alarm clock alarm clock
Photo by Monoar Rahman on Pexels.com
Time, so precious here and now in the winter of my life as I ponder what I’ve done and what I’ll leave behind

I hope that I’m remembered with love and gentle grace, not by the infinite number of lines now present on this face
Instead, I beg you see the beauty that lies within for in the end it’s all that you can take
And this I wish my dearest heart, the words left when I die
will offer you some small comfort, as the lonely days drift by
©2018 Linda Lee Lyberg

15 Comments on “Drifting Time

  1. Hi Linda thanks for sharing your words this week, so sad when you think of what we might leave behind….the lines on your face reminded me of a line from an old song, think of all the fun you had putting them there.

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