As the sunset races
across the lush lawn,
he knows the time will soon
come when he will
hold her in his arms.
A gentle breeze whispers
through the cypress trees,
as he sets the dinner table
with hope she is pleased.
Two luminous crystal glasses
glow with candlelight
an elegant bottle of red
casts a long shadow onto white…
Cloth he has smoothed
with his calloused hands
and napkins folded into a simple fan.
The silver gleams on the table
porcelain plates are set ~ perfection
for this is his expertise,
the art of sensual seduction.
A blue velvet pouch rests
beside the ivory plate,
a silver ring he prays
will seal their destined fate.
The notes of French music
fills the night air
with words of lost love
J’attendrai, as he waits
but he hopes not forever…
for tonight is the night
he intends
to conquer the woman of his dreams.
©2018 Linda Lee Lyberg

31 Comments on “J’attendrai

  1. Makes me wonder if he is sincere, so well he has planned. But then again, my husband planned nothing when he asked me to marry him so who can tell? I do not have sound on my computer.

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  2. This is sweet romantic and alluring. My favourite image is the precise care of those” calloused hands ” fixing the table just right

    Happy Sunday

    Much love…

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