The Caged Soul



They died in the darkest hour of the coldest night of the year and when they left, their souls opened the door to the cage. This cage, with the bars to keep her captive, is the only home Lovey has ever known.

When she was but a fluff of feathers her parents convinced her it was the only safe place to be yet now it felt cold, empty. She was afraid and longed for her parents to be there scolding her, telling her to be happy where she was, for this is home. But it no longer felt like home, for they were gone and her heart yearned to take to the sky.
Three days went by and Lovey had moved only as far as the open door, but could not take the last step to plunge into the world. On the fourth day, a beautiful woman strolled by, bundled in a luxurious coat. She carried the most colorful umbrella Lovey had ever seen, but the woman looked so alone. Curious, Lovey decided to follow her. She hopped into the snow following the woman who was now weeping. Hot tears fell down her face, melting the snow where they landed.
As they crested over the snowy cliff, the woman halted at the edge. She looked out over the expanse of the sky and dropped her umbrella into the white snow. The wind caught the umbrella and it pirouetted into the void. Shedding the comforting warmth of her coat, the woman opened her arms and flew over the edge.
Stunned, Lovey took to the sky and never looked back.
©2018 Linda Lee Lyberg

19 Comments on “The Caged Soul

  1. An absolutely spectacular story. Written as it came to you, it is intuitive and has so much meaning. Thank you for this sharing your lovely inspiring story.

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  3. masterpiece Linda, how she shed her coat and flew off the edge, finally giving herself up to the freedom she belongs to- wonderful!

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