Blood and Memories


Once youthful and fresh with vibrant petals scented
Now dried and withered, fragile, faded, wrinkled, brittle.

Yet razor-sharp thorns still prickles…
And the flow of crimson as it drops, drops, drops
Upon the weathered parchment amid faded notes
Creates a red tainted symphony reborn once more
of ancient blood and painful remembering

©2018 Linda Lee Lyberg

d’Verse Poetics: Beauty in Ugliness

36 Comments on “Blood and Memories

  1. …a red tainted symphony…. This is wonderfully writ! I’ve never thought of the thorns that could have been left on the stem with my dried and withered roses. I’ve long since thrown out the ones from old dates, even my wedding. The dried and withered blossoms that still grace my shelf are from the funerals of loved ones….something of them still here. 🙂 Thank you for this post.

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  2. The red tainted symphony. I love this description. but it is so very sad. I still have all the roses my husband grew and gave me and that I used in my wedding bouquet. the thorns hurt but they also bring out life.

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  3. Everyone thinks of rose petals and the way they fade but we forget the durability of thorns and the beauty in them. I love how you’ve captured the ‘flow of crimson as it drops, drops, drops’ and turned it into ‘a red tainted symphony’.Lovely, Linda!

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