Ceres and The Horn of Plenty

Come taste my gifts said Ceres for I have the horn of plenty to savor,
Buttery gourds, ripe tomatoes, sweet golden ears of corn
All grown from my fertile breast, a profusion of interesting flavors

Earth gives to her a lush red wine made from the fruit of the vine
Ripe juicy mangoes, plums, peaches, and round tart limes
While showering Ceres with blossoms of flowers smelling divine

Water pours forth and offers fruits from the salty blue sea
Cockles, mussels, pink shrimp, small fish and briny oysters
The likes of which Ceres the Goddess has never seen

As Fire and Air watch from above, caught in this magical dream
Ceres sways with delight as Air creates a scented gentle breeze
And Fire burns bright, brilliantly lights the surreal painted scene

©2018 Linda Lee Lyberg

For more about the painting, visit: Abundance with the Four Elements

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