This Blessed Room


This room, blessed with undeniable energy…

I write to lilting music of fishes swimming in a castled world

Lovebirds feeding outside the window, chattering their secret language
Sun refracts through a suspended prism, as rainbows dance on pale pink walls
And there on one, a self-portrait painted in hues of greens and blues

Books to the left, books to the right with words of wisdom to inspire
My mother’s ashes on a shelf, the anchor in my life and more, now in death
As a brindled pup snores on the aubergine chair he has deemed his throne
Blank white paper fills with words that flow from my pencil lead
as these aching hands give birth to thoughts a few may understand.

©2018 Linda Lee Lyberg


Author’s Note: Toni has asked us to write about the room where we write. I am also linking this to Poetry Pantry

Real Toads: Don’t Touch My Meez

23 Comments on “This Blessed Room

  1. An underwater magical world that is still grounded by reality – as the birds roost, the dog claims his throne, and you are surrounded by the loved ones to remind you of who you are, what you hold dear, as well as allowing you to soar and dream — I really like your colourful self-portrait painting – it has a lovely, delightful energy that truly is sweet and hopeful. And perhaps, this is the perfect way to create, in space and time, with one foot firmly in the now, and the other, dancing, reaching on tip toes, for the stars!

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  2. This is a delight. The fish, the lovebirds, the self portrait- all of it. In such a place, inspiration cannot be a stranger. I also like that you keep the ashes of your mother close by…the anchor in my life and more, now in death…and the pup! Thank you for posting this wonderful poem to my prompt

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  3. These elements are beautiful and personal and make for a great setting — I loved the “lilting music of fishes”, the sun through the suspended prism, birds’ secret language, et al.
    This environment has the depth of one’s roots and tetherings.
    “as these aching hands give birth to thoughts a few may understand”: Ah, that is well said!
    Also, I really admire your self-portrait — such colors & movements. 🙂

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  4. This is very moving really, with so many details. Saddened by the mention of your mother’s ashes on the shelf. I can tell by your words that she meant a lot to you. Enjoyed the mention of your pup. They do find a way to claim places, don’t they?

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  5. You had me at “I write to lilting music of fishes swimming in a castled world” 😀 so so beautiful!❤️

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