And yet– nothing is real.

I cannot caress your skin, memorize its texture, feel the heat of your manhood rising from my silky touch

I cannot kiss your moist lips, taste their essence, swallow Amrita with you

I cannot gaze into your hungry eyes and fall deeper, deeper, deeper drowning in the tempestuous pool of liquid  blue

I cannot sense your trembling while you await my delicate fingers, knowing what they can and will do

If I want, want, want, you enough–Will it make it so, will you then be real?

So you see, you’ve ruined it now for me, for I’ve become a petulant spoiled child — I want it all, I want to feel, feel, feel

And yet– nothing is real.

©2018 Linda Lee Lyberg

d’Verse Poetics:

24 Comments on “Touch

  1. The longing for someone is very strong, yet there is sadness that it can’t be fulfilled. Some men spoils us indeed and it hurts when nothing is real after all.

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  2. Oh, that “nothing is real” pricks — the desire is beautiful in its light and how its flow and rhythm guides the pattern of this action-filled space, but the ensuing realization makes it so sad too. And it does ruin the experience. I really like that you ventured with this perspective. Very well penned.
    And thanks for participating. 🙂

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  3. The sadness of longing comes across in the opening and ending ‘And yet– nothing is real’ and that nothing contains all the passion and desire that cannot be realised. The layout enhances the message, Linda. Love it! .

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