Autumn Memories

Autumn always brings memories of you. I see your eyes in the bright turquoise sky, and I hear your cadence in the birdsong outside my window. I watched a video of you singing, and I wondered, why did you silence your voice? Did you believe there was no other way?

autumn leaves decay

rain still falls, sadness remains

as mourning doves coo

©2018 Linda Lee Lyberg

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63 Comments on “Autumn Memories

  1. Mourning is electra–the onerous gray/grey dark underbellies of winter clouds does conjure death dirges; yet like the bruins, we can hibernate our depression and concentrate on April and the Spring verdantness.

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  2. Sad, and yet, beautiful written. Find myself, thinking of love ones, who have moved on and left us behind, like parents and grandparents. Also, for myself, the start of SAD (Seasonal Adjustment Disorder) season and the use of light boxes, until the coming springtime.

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  3. your haiku is amazing Linda, shows me that time passes but some things will not change, and it is quite alright for it stay locked in that frame.

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  4. This is moving with just a few details. In fact more moving because it pulls us in and makes us wonder about the story. A bit like Simic’s “Carrying On Like a Crow” in that regard.

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  5. If only they knew they were hurting others when they chose suicide. But they think they are doing everyone a favor – and they have that moment where they “act” upon it. heartwrenching – this poem does a great job as it doesn’t spell it out – it leads us there gently with emotion. well done.

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    • Many of us have been close to that act, the way out can seem so opaque that the thought of the effect on others sometimes cannot even penetrate. I was blessed to have that thought break through just in time at the point in the past where I was seconds away, it saved me. Failing at suicide has not solved the problems or removed the hurts that I still cause even though I am still here, but at least we have a chance to engage, and to feel the Autumn winds. This is a lovely poem Linda, and Margaret your comment is relevant. We all need to live, for each other, as best we can, even though sometimes we suck at it, all we can do is our best. I choose to feel those who are fallen were also doing their best, the tolerances between respite and completion are so often inextricably narrow.

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  6. “No other way” is a hard decision for most but surprisingly many have considered it. Been there, the finality is alluring when the thinking is that this _____ will never end.


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