Music in D(eath) for Lost Souls

He plays the music calling lost souls who wander from life to life
These pitiful beings who can never seem to get living quite right

They return to earth over and over, to learn what they didn’t before
Traveling the treacherous seven seas, searching every windswept shore

For though they’ve had many lives, they’ve never grown beyond
Those early un-lived ones and the questions they have spawned

As they hear the haunting music, to maestro they beg and plead
to help them find their other half to live as one through eternity

But what these pitiful tortured souls will never understand
Is that their hidden future lies in the palm of their own hand

©2018 Linda Lee Lyberg

What Do You See?:

V.J.s Weekly Challenge:

©2018 Linda Lee Lyberg

24 Comments on “Music in D(eath) for Lost Souls

  1. Nicely done, tying the two prompts together. Reminds me of the myth that we are separated from our other half at birth – a theory which definitely robs us of our present lives. Love the mystical aspect.

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  2. Love how you tie in the mystical with the concept of personal awareness and responsibility. A great read, thank you.

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