Desert Freeze

I herald in the New Year with a sinus infection. My head is as cloudy as the grey January sky, weighted and heavy as lead. There’s a threat of below freezing weather tonight here in the desert so we throw burlap over the tenderest plants in the garden. In a rush, we pick ripe lemons off our sole citrus tree. Their strong tangy scent reminds me of hot days that will be here all too soon. I’ll preserve some of them in salt for cooking, and juice the rest for summer lemonade.

frost on the desert
Brilliant sun melts iced fountain-
birds storm the feeders

©2021 Linda Lee Lyberg


30 Comments on “Desert Freeze

  1. love the imagery of the birds storming in! and the lemons, the scent is sunshine itself. hope you are feeling a lot better Linda, sinus infections can be so debilitating.

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  2. Love the scent of lemon and it does remind me of warmer days. It must be something to see that frost in the desert and the birds storming the feeder. Hope you are feeling better.

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  3. Strange weather — snow in Phoenix! Don’t you wish you could bottle it to open on one of those sweltering days to come!

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  4. I lived in Tucson 1970 with only a Triumph Bonneville motorcycle as transportation. I remember how damned cold the desert could get. Hope the sinuses let up!

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  5. My best wishes for a speedy recovery from your sinus infection, Linda. I’m amazed that you get frost in the desert! I knew that temperatures drop overnight but I didn’t realise they could get so low. You are kind gardeners too, throwing burlap over the plants and picking lemons. The appeal to the senses is strong in the ‘strong tangy scent’ and ‘summer lemonade’ and I love the juxtaposition of brilliant sun and iced fountain in your haiku.

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  6. A lemon tree. It sounds so wonderful – to see one in person, to pick its ripe fruit. Poetic

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