The Real Me

Once in the mirror I saw
a sepia inked version
pleading to me
for change like a beggar on the street.

So I picked up my pen and paper
composed a poem to the real me.
Now, I live and breath…
in vivid technicolor.

©2019 Linda Lee Lyberg

dVerse Quadrille:

40 Comments on “The Real Me

  1. Coloring the drab with brush and paint or with colorful words. Isn’t it nice to have that option:?!

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  2. Such an excellent poem. Proves that good things come in small packages. The beggar on the street simile is made fresh by the paucity of color in the sepia reflections. You even managed to use vivid technicolor in a way that takes advantage of the familiarity of the phrase to add a faint drumroll to your beautiful jump into authenticity. Lots of interesting stuff going on beneath that surface! Also it makes a nice ‘ars poetica’ poem.

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