Red Lantern Year

Stuffing my worries into the red lantern
setting them loose to roam the fresh air
sending them packing, never to return
my approach to this year- laissez-faire!

I’ll treasure the days, the minutes, the hours
anticipating a beautiful butterfly’s birth
greeting silvery moon with bundles of flowers
while tickling shiny stars with my witty mirth

I’ll live today for tomorrow may not come
marching to the beat of my own lovely drum
polishing my words until they shine bright as the sun
living my life as a poet, for I am the fortunate one

©2021 Linda Lee Lyberg

Willow Poetry:

9 Comments on “Red Lantern Year

  1. You certainly are a fortunate one, a gifted poet inspiring others with your creative writing. I love the affirmation of stuffing the lanterns and letting them carry away your worries. A beautiful poem, thank you for taking part in the challenge and sharing your gift with us all.

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