There is a place
Shed tears become raindrops
Golden sunshine’s gleam never burns
Your face
Dark grief is overcome with joy
Colorful flowers bloom
Fed by fresh rain

©2021 Linda Lee Lyberg

Author’s Note: I’m in a Butterfly Cinquain mood!

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72 Comments on “Somewhere

  1. Oh those tears, Linda. I love that you have ‘Shed’ and Fed’ rhyming at the start of the lines and the circular feel conveyed by ‘Somewhere’!

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  2. Lovely words, Linda, so gentle. Funny but the first (and only) poem I ever submitted to the real toads prompt began with the exact words you use. I got bawled out for plagiarism, a couple of abusive comments, and the link was removed. That’s why I’ve never been back. Must have been a bad day for someone.

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  3. Shedding Any Shadow
    of Darkness for me
    These Days
    Is As Close
    As A Three
    Minute Three
    Foot Space of
    Two Feet in a Spiral
    Dance or Perhaps
    Now Just Raising
    One Arm to the Heavens
    Within As Bio-Feedback
    of Thousands of Miles
    of Spiraling Dance
    Will Automatically
    BRinG A HoME NoW
    oF Joy To Give And
    Share TotAlly Free
    Sort of the way
    Words Will
    Dance too
    is the Feather
    And WinD oNE..:)

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  4. Looking this, Linda.
    One of two places I’ve found:
    1. Where lost things are (kudos to the new Mary Popins movie we took youngest granddaughter); or
    2. Somewhere over the rainbow. That I’ve also found (search my other blog).
    Lovely, Linda

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  5. Lovely, positive–beautiful thoughts of a somewhere.
    In regard to the comments above, I did think of the song “Somewhere” from West Side Story–but just in the way that things tend to remind me of songs–not plagiarized. 🙂 Audra McDonald does a beautiful version of the song.

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