Third Eye Open

Martin Guderna

At first it was to ease the pain, to pen the words that soothed
to write what I was afraid to say to spill my angst onto the page.
And then it became a hungry need, a powerful elixir to feed
my soul, to offer others hope beyond the worldly greed

As I searched for proper words a blessed miracle occurred,
I began to breathe the tiny details of this amazing planet earth
a fragile skimmer dragonfly, the lilting songs of the mockingbird
as I while away the hours watching a new butterfly emerge
I’ve had an epiphany, my third eye open, a spectacular rebirth

Now it is all this that sets my gypsy heart soaring free,
giving of words to humanity, for at last I am being
the truest person I was always meant to be
for if not today, not now… then when?

©2019 Linda Lee Lyberg

Imaginary Garden with Real Toads:

dVerse OLN:

35 Comments on “Third Eye Open

  1. Often we seek to help others and end up being helped in return, unexpectedly. I, also, have learned, through writing poetry, to “breathe the tiny details” of this amazing planet.

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  2. Oh yes! ❤️ Poetry does that 🙂 it gives us wings and helps us keep sane. I remember first writing not knowing my footing and later feeling like it is a burning need, a necessity if you must and yen. A most honest and gorgeous write, Linda! ❤️

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  3. “Now it is all this that sets my gypsy heart soaring free,” And I feel that gypsy heart soaring free in your poetry, Linda. The graphic goes so well with the theme of it also.

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  4. Nice comparison, the dragonfly, in figure of speech, Linda, to our flitting here and there as the currents and our wings take us, sometimes the true inner self. I suppose it takes time to learn capturing it all, I’ve not given that too much thought, I just plug along.

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  5. A great poem showing how writing changes our perception of the world around us! Well done!

    ….I began to breathe the tiny details of this amazing planet earth

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  6. poetry is something that blossoms and makes one observe things closely – and see things that are easily missed otherwise!

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  7. Love the rhythm and the rhyme, you have opened not only to see the world, but to structure it beautifully on the page, especially loved the sounds of soft gestations in the second stanza.

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  8. Gorgeous poem, I love it how poetry has made me start seeing “breathing” the details of the world. But I hadn’t formed that realisation until I read your poem. Thank you.

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