Melancholia in D Minor

In his hands an ebony melancholia violin
and a forlorn bow with delicacy, captivates 
as it pierces my heart with indigo blue notes
seeking sweet solace, their place of rest
bleeding into the deepest part of my soul
where brassy trumpets never blare or shine
and wistful harpsichord’s music is forever rising
like a lonesome moon in the blackest of nights.

©2019 Linda Lee Lyberg

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42 Comments on “Melancholia in D Minor

  1. The title alone is fabulous, Linda, with the ‘mm’ alliteration and the fact that it’s in minor – the same key as Bach’s Toccata and Fugue. I love the colours: the ebony violin (I can almost hear the indigo blue notes) and the forlorn bow. So glad that ‘brassy trumpets never blare or shine’!

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  2. Linda, this is a delight to read. I love the start off with the ebony melancholia violin
    and its forlorn bow. Mrs. Jim plays the viola and piano and has a violin. I’d like for her to play the strings as fiddles but she declines. Our granddaughter learned fiddle in her school class at the International School in London.

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  3. This is utterly gorgeous! ❤ I love the “ebony melancholia violin,” and how it makes its way into the heart. Wow! 😍😍

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