Four Hummingbirds

Photo by James Wainscoat on Unsplash

I watched four hummingbirds bathe before the sun arose
swimming in the fountain, with fluttering wings and toes
they sailed into the air, returned and took a deep dive
chirping to each other, drowning in ecstasy’s throes

Their innocence of being, in the moment alive
sent my heart leaping and brought joyous tears to these eyes
I saw true happiness with their feathers gleaming wet
they illuminated my day, infused with delight

©2021 Linda Lee Lyberg

Author’s note: I was blessed to actually see this little miracle first thing the other morning. I was so struck by their pure joy, it stayed with me all day, and even now brings a smile. My attempt at a Rubaiyat.

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53 Comments on “Four Hummingbirds

  1. What a delight to see them. We are all about birds in this form, smiles. Love this part specially:

    I saw true happiness with their feathers gleaming wet
    they illuminated my day, infused with delight

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  2. Beautiful word-crafting with the 13-syllable line! Reads fluidly and sits comfortably in the mind. Beautiful images in your piece – and the picture you chise is to die for. Great post! I got inspired by Frank’s rubaiyat thing and posted two – one dark, one light. Both of mine however, follow Frost’s 8-syllable line format.

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  3. Linda, as I read this I thought of little kids cavorting through the sprinkler. For as dark and cold as it’s been here, your poem of the frolicking hummingbirds brightened things up.

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  4. Well , if that pic is what you saw, I’d be amazed too. I am sure no tears would come to my eyes, but even if the birds weren’t in ecstasy, you certainly sounded in rapture! Smile

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    • Thank you Bjorn. They are magical. The other day, I was out near one of their feeders, and one flew right up to my face and looked at me, then landed on the feeder to drink. It was so cool.


  5. What an amazing sight to see–and it comes through. I like the final line, and how “they illuminated my day” has a deeper meaning, but also leads back to the dawn at the beginning of the poem. Well done with the thirteen syllables, too. It flows so naturally.

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