Wind Whispers

The Turning Point
David Bülow
Used with Permission

And words are all that’s left to give for my days on this earth are dwindling
my bones are soft, my body aches, and my sallow flesh is dwindling

So I’ll throw these pages out the window, and profound words I send
Leaving my last legacy in the fearless whispers of the cold unsettling wind

©2019 Linda Lee Lyberg

Real Toads Art Flash! 55

Poets United Poetry Pantry #438

28 Comments on “Wind Whispers

  1. Maybe that is the best sendoff to our last words. Maybe they will grow wings and be carried to who needs them.

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  2. Ah – throwing one’s pages out the window sounds like something I might do! One really has to figure out what one wants one’s last legacy to be….a thought provoking poem.

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