Dark Solitude

I am alone with my thoughts on the morning walk. Going through the motions, pausing when Bubba stops to smell the scent of a dog that’s found the bush before him. My mind, like the sky, is wallowing in darkness.

My precious dog is still here but I know the day will come when he’ll be gone. When I try to imagine that moment, my heart catches and my throat closes. This much I know, it will be much worse than my thoughts can ever conceive today.

I pull myself into the present; the solitude will come all too soon for the years are racing by. I look up to the heavens and say a prayer. Lord, help me to live in the now, to cherish every morning walk, every old dog snore, every plea for treats.

dark skies threatening
blackbirds glide across bruised sky
raindrops on my face

©2019 Linda Lee Lyberg

dVerse Poets Pub: Haibun Monday Solitude

29 Comments on “Dark Solitude

  1. That loneliness you feel when you loose something worth keeping is very painful but. Its More painful when you know something worth keeping can’t be kept forever most definitely you will loose it but you just don’t no when..that feeling sucks😞

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  2. But in the wisdom and tenderness of your words, “live in the now, to cherish every morning walk, every old dog snore, every plea for treats”! Your beautiful dog will forever be a precious part of your life Linda.

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  3. Continue to cherish the time with Bubba, Linda. I know what it’s like when there are no more dog walks, stopping and sniffing, pulling on the lead, snores, twitches and running in dreams. I love the haiku!

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  4. The theme of solitude as associated with grief is running these posts. Losses pile up over time, and even though we know it is inevitable, it can become difficult to direct our thoughts away from the endings. I find my fears pulling me there too. Touching piece.

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