The Essence of Decay

The bloom of youth in the rain washed rose is a joy for eyes to see

yet what lies underneath this glow is invisible to you and me.

Blind are we for a fresh budding rose is already fading, dying

time is cruel the blossom will wilt, the light will wither away,

one day bursting with life, then naught but a thorny stalk.

And in the wake of perfumed petals drifting on the heavy air

all that remains and is unseen is their decaying essence.

©2019 Linda Lee Lyberg

Author’s Note: This photo is one of mine.


Imaginary Garden With Real Toads

21 Comments on “The Essence of Decay

  1. Yet, the memory clings to the decay. This is beautiful. I follow @lovelydeadcrap on Instagram and there are so many amazing photos of plants that have faded into brittle.

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  2. It’s a tough life for roses, really tough for any flower. But since they know there place in life and their calling to let their beauty flourish that will keep them happy for the life they have.
    My favorite is the ending, ” … all that remains and is unseen is their decaying essence.”
    After the gardener’s broom and bucket we still know they’ve been.
    Our roses bloomed all winter, even the Hibiscus will probably survive. The rabbits eat the pansies but I’ve found a “rabbit and deer repellent” that seems to be working.

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  3. Linda, yes, I’ve often thought why do the blossoms on some flowers have to leave so soon. Seeing the rosebud, you know it has a ways to go and will be there for a bit, but when the rose is at the height of its beauty… exquisitely written!

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