Myst-ery, goddess with blue raven locks and eyes diablo green
but for the fiery torchlight burning between, she’s unseen
With deadly calm she lures you down the path of exile
tempting your sinful flesh with her feminine guile,
and though you know all the while
she sings to you a death melody
you care not for she is
your final destiny.

©2019 Linda Lee Lyberg

dVerse Poetics

29 Comments on “Myst-ery

  1. I think I dated this succubus in college; was lucky to survive. Flawless and clever use of the prompt names.

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  2. I like the image of those ‘eyes diablo green but for the fiery torchlight burning between’ and that she sings a death melody – she sounds like the singer from the Swedish death metal band Arch Enemy!

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  3. Ah, the archetypal Devil Woman with the black hair and green eyes…I used to use that image a lot; mostly to torture my natural sister. (We all start out with black hair but she’s the only one even in the extended family whose eyes can be called green.)

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  4. Love what you did with “myst-ery” and the use of “diablo”. The shape of the poem made me feel as though she was siphoning us into her darkness. Yikes, this is good.

    Sorry for the late response….catching up.

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