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Yesterday marked the two year anniversary since I have been blogging. Little did I know my first post, titled Altered State, would launch me onto a road of self discovery and challenge. I have written all my life, but seldom shared my words with others.
Now, 136,813 words and 1378 posts later, I am blessed to be a part of this amazing writing community. I have grown as a writer and learned so much from many of you, whom I cherish as friends and mentors. I am finding my voice as a poet, and writing short stories from time to time. I have even had the privilege of being published in two anthologies, with a third on the way.

Counting all my followers here on Word Press, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, I have over 5,000 people who think I have something worthwhile to say. Thank you all for your support and daily encouragement!

So, to read where it all began, below is the first post I ever made on Word Press:

Altered State, 2/27/2017

I wrote this back in January and posted it to my FB page and wow, did I get some interesting results. So, here ya go.

I have been in an ‘altered state of mind’ since the election results. I don’t mean drowning my sorrows with wine, although I have had my share. This goes much deeper than anything wine can handle.

This is sorrow. I know sorrow- we are intimate friends. I have met sorrow before and stared it down and come out on the other side. I have grieved the loss of a husband who could light up a room with his smile yet he was so troubled he took his own life. A sister who was a beautiful mess but nonetheless, MY sister. A dear friend taken much too early right when she got all she ever wanted- an amazing child she adopted. My mother, who I have no words for because I can’t explain how she affected my life in a myriad of profound ways.

This sorrow is something else- as if there has been a shift in the universe that I cannot see. It’s deep in the marrow of my bones. My heart is heavy, I want so to ‘forget it all’, and go on my merry way, ignoring . Can I make a difference in all this and make sense of all the injustice and hurt to others I have seen?

When I was young, I could move away from my discomfort- youth is so naive and resilient. I am not young. I cannot brush this aside like Scarlett in GWTW- “After all, tomorrow is another day.” I am sitting with this discomfort and trying to dissect it, so I understand it.

And that’s okay.

So, my friends, fellow writers, and bloggers- ONWARD! And  John Coyote if  you are reading this, thank you for the one and only like on that first post. You will never know how much it meant to me.

©2021 Linda Lee Lyberg

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