Walking My Dog This Spring Morning

The sky is blue, nary a cloud
I stroll the path with my head bowed
my dog trots with joy beside me
with his head and tail high, so proud

I hear the buzzing of the bees
flying from bloom to bloom with glee
a symphony of nature’s sounds
as cactus wrens sing high in trees

My heart feels so free and unbound
I pause, looking up and around
and there soaring in the spring sky
a stealthy hawk, making no sound

As I watch him floating on high
I ponder what it’s like to fly
to look at the earth through his eyes
must be a delight and surprise

©2021 Linda Lee Lyberg

23 Comments on “Walking My Dog This Spring Morning

  1. This is absolutely lovely! 💞 I smiled at; “I ponder what it’s like to fly to look at the earth through his eyes.” 🙂 I sometimes wonder too.

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  2. Those hawks have such super sharp vision! I love these mornings. Here it is a little bit chilly but oh! the sky is such a glorious blue. Made me wish I had a dog to walk!

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  3. Linda. I was there!! Walking with you and the dog. It was sooo plesant on the page. I liked your Rubaiyat with it’s pretty rhyming eight syllables. Thank you for the effort and for sharing it with us.

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  4. Being a boy I of course loved to climb trees and loved the bird like feeling of seeing the world from their eyes. Fortunately I only fell out once to break my wrist, so I think by and large came out on top!

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