To Be A Bird

Do birds tuck dreams into their wings when they are soaring in the turquoise sky
Are their dreams of fantastical things like flying to the moon one summer’s night?

And with dried straw to build their nests, do they have a distinct plan in mind
or does it depend on what grasses they gather, and what they are able to find?

Do they know how blessed they are to be able to view earth from above
and to feel the breeze ruffle their feathers as a testament of God’s sweet love?

I believe to be a bird is a beautiful dream it seems.

Β©2021 Linda Lee Lyberg

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37 Comments on “To Be A Bird

  1. I couldn’t agree more. Every day, I go outside in the morning with my dog to fill the bird feeder. Then I stand inside at the window with my coffee, watching the birds and squirrels vie for the seeds. I also have a bird house in one tree. I never tire of watching them, wondering about them, marveling at them, and this poem expresses that perfectly.


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  2. I believe that too. I often watch them, sitting up so high, surveying such glorious scenery……..I had trees dreaming in my poem, we are on somewhat similar planes today. Smiles.

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  3. Yes, yes to all. I’m sure they day dream if not while sleeping. Flying birds are one of the prettier of the animal kingdom I think of. We have a pair of doves nesting in an overlay part between roofs that are right angle to each other. I might ask them.

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  4. The beautiful dream ever is to be a bird.. To carry out your dreams into openess of the sky … To fly so far … Wow!!!😊😊

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  5. Well also i want to invite u on my site.. Will u be there plz…😊😊😊😊

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