The Sign of Tagorim

Egepan is anxious, he can feel the tension in the air, as if a great force has ripped through the universe. He’s been watching the night sky for months, waiting. Would this full moon be the one? In his ancient life, he had only seen the sign once as a young child, but had heard the elders speak of their experiences.

He senses the coming of a new age on the blood painted horizon, as the fiery sun sinks out of sight. Standing on the top of the mountain, he sways and recites what the ancients taught him.

“When the moon is at its fullest.
and the beasts are gathered ’round
the soul of the wizard Tagorim will come
with the birth of the king’s first born son.”

He chants for hours until he feels the cold fingers of the full moon pressing upon his eyelids and falls into a trance.
An odd feeling stirs within him, and he looks up. There, high in the cobalt midnight sky, is what he has waited eons to see and prepared for his whole life. The weathered sign, made of forged iron shines with a pearled onyx iridescence. Within it, hangs a glowing iridium wizard’s hat, pointing westward.

He wraps his robes around him and heads west, where only hours ago, the sky looked much different. A new era of magic is dawning for tonight under the deep shroud of the middle watch hours a wizard king is to be born. Egepan with all his knowledge and wisdom is the chosen one to be his protector and teacher. It will be a daunting task for it is sure to be rife with danger.

©2021 Linda Lee Lyberg

Sue Vincent’s Thursday Photo Prompt


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