I, The Copper Rose

I am the copper rose standing strong in the bright morning sun
made by rough weathered hands of the big Viking craftsman,
chiseled and molded with his primitive iron hammer,
stamped and engraved with fine etchings in detail
a symbol of their many years spent together
a testament that they can ever withstand
brutal blows this life may hurl at them
be it with hammer or granite or fire
for their love is a bond everlasting
like blood of this gentle man and
my glowing metal in his hands
as he created perfect petals
bonding us to each other
so did he blend their
two hearts with
each strike he
made them
as one.

©2021 Linda Lee Lyberg

Author’s Note: This poem is about the Copper Rose (pictured above) that my husband made for me in honor of our 22nd anniversary last year.

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67 Comments on “I, The Copper Rose

  1. 16 days of accolades; fitting for such a sweet and clever piece. THE COPPER ROSE could be a book title, a tale of Ivanhoe and derring-do.

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  2. Just the idea of such a thing is magical, but the fact it exists. Your Viking is a special man. Your poem is its own carefully crafted copper rose ❤

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  3. This is beautiful, powerful, tender, loving, and captivating to read Linda. I understand the bonding unity of creativity. In addition to my writing, my wife Kathy and I are both artists, creating collaboratively for 30 years. We used to love displaying and selling our work at the juried art shows around the country – but that now eludes my grasp owing to health. That is a wonderful bit of writing, and a splendid work of art! Bravo…

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