Kauai Stars

That night I remember with vivid clarity you and I in Kauai gazing up at millions of crystal clear stars
so close we felt as if we could touch them.

My mother, rest her soul had died the month before
Our grief was as new as a fresh bloomed rose weeping with dew
Salty tears welled, sliding from our eyes falling
into the soft white sand where we lay.

We held hands as memories washed over us with each lapping wave
and in remembrance we weeped,
feeling so insignificant in this vastness sweeping across our eyes
a shimmering blanket at once blinding and beautiful.

We felt her there, soaring among those stars, looking down on us
a powerful sense of her presence a gift, her voice from beyond
saying—you are right where you should be as am I, don’t cry.
Rather, see my face with each full moon in the star drenched sky
and feel my arms surround you for I am with you always.

©2021 Linda Lee Lyberg

Imaginary Garden With Real Toads: Late Night Conversations with the Muse

23 Comments on “Kauai Stars

  1. Oh Linda this is so heartfelt! ❤️ A lovely tribute to your mother 🙂 she must be smiling right now.

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  2. I love this tribute to your mother. I was so distraught when my mother died because she left us years a go through Alzheimer’s before she left us physically. She has sent several signs since her passing that let me know she was free of the disease and she knew me again.

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    • How wonderful for you Susie. That touches my heart. Thankfully, my mother knew me to the end, even though she was diagnosed with dementia.


  3. Been there, Linda. Sort of. The pillow clouds were outside an airplane window while Mom died below. An innocent remark from across our isle , “I envision an angel sitting each puff.”

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