The Ghost of Manayunk

A big rambling three story row home where I lived all alone
save for my two cats, who greeted me when I came home
but soon after I moved in I noticed some rather odd events
things got moved around, and the air sometimes so dense

And up on the third floor, a mezuzah hung on a door jamb
could it be to deter an errant ghost from going on the lam?

A rush of cold air greeted me when I entered the room, and
shadows danced before my eyes, amidst the startling gloom
I shivered from the cold, as if a goose stepped on my grave
and then I knew why the cats stayed far, far away
for they never followed me up to this room
only stood at the bottom of the stairs and hissed

It wasn’t until my psychic mother visited and then I knew for sure
she awakened me one morning and told me her vivid dream
A woman was murdered in this house, there’s a ghost living here.

©2021 Linda Lee Lyberg

Imaginary Garden with Real Toads: What We Do in the Shadows

20 Comments on “The Ghost of Manayunk

  1. Errr!!! You wrote a nice creepy poem, Linda. I spent the night in a room where a person had died. That was creepy too, I wished that I hadn’t been told.

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  2. This is such a powerful narrative poem, Linda! I have heard that cats and dogs can instantly sense a presence.

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