Of Night Beetles and March Hares

StarGazing Rabbit

From here in the fragrant rustling sage grass
I watch the night beetles race for the full bellied moon
But they will never get there I know for their efforts are futile

Watching their wings spread from heavy mahogany bodies,
It’s a wonder they glide so high for they are heavy and cumbersome
Dressed for battle as they are in their hard shell of protective armor

But like I, these warriors are drawn to the white stone moon
But alas both of us for very different reasons
Beetles are in love with the silvery gleaming light and I–
Adore the March Hare living up there and wish I was there too

©2021 Linda Lee Lyberg

Imaginary Garden with Real Toads: Art Flash!

dVerse: OLN

46 Comments on “Of Night Beetles and March Hares

  1. Linda, I’m learning today about the March hare. I only knew of the man. At our former house the living room side wall was all windows. In the mornings we would sweep away the dead beetles from the porch up by those windows.

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  2. Oh wow, this is beautiful. Beetle and hare chasing the moon for their own reasons. I think the moon brings out the wild dreamer in all living things.

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  3. “I watch the night beetles race for the full bellied moon.” What a wonderful line that is! It drew me right in. By the end, I was wishing I were there, too, with the March Hare, and the moon and that silvery grass.

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  4. This is utterly stunning, Linda 😍😍 I love the intricate details and imagery in this poem especially; “Watching their wings spread from heavy mahogany bodies.” 💖❤

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  5. The Hare in the March Moon… I will have to take a look or google it… Just did – I see it I think… one has to look at it a bit sideways…

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  6. Well…..you had me with the illustration! Although I do love the idea of describing beetles as wearing armor. Reminds me of what we called June Bugs when I was little. I hated their sound and even more so that they laneded on my bedroom window screens and stuck there!

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  7. Having trouble getting my comments to appear….sigh.
    I wrote that you had me with the illustration! Although I did love the description of beetles with armor. Reminds me of the June bugs that would land on my bedroom window screens and stick there when I was a little girl.

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  8. Like Sanaa, I was hooked by those /mahogany bodies/. I’m sure the birds scoff at us as we hurl multi-ton airships into the sky.

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  9. The March Hare and the MAD Hatter, and you. Quite a party Linda, and the poor June Bugs unable to attend… sad. This was quite an enjoyable read! I too love the full bellied moon. It is one of my significant writing fetishes…

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  10. Can’t help, but think of those poor May Bugs, trying for the impossible. Knowing, there’s no tomorrow, after their brief flight of romance. As we’re left to clean up the remains, the morning after.

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