From My Bed of Roses

Rio Samba Roses Mesa, AZ

From my bed of roses comes the telling news, winter is finally over,
the sun is shining bright and it’s time for us to bloom

Wildflowers are peeking their heads up to the turquoise sky
tiny seeds are sprouting forth, pushing ever higher
Soon butterflies will come looking for a home to lay
their specks of eggs on veined leaves of desert milkweed

Radishes are bulging from the rich black earth,
their caps of bright red ready for harvest
eaten with a cracker slathered with boursin cheese
and a luscious glass or two of red wine to drink

The lemon tree is flourishing in the brilliant light,
while bees are busy gathering pollen from each fragrant flower
And I here on my knees planting with my dirt caked hands,
am reveling in the luscious beauty of another spring
in the mercurial desert, before the broiling heat comes

©2021 Linda Lee Lyberg

Imaginary Garden with real Toads: Song Prompt The News From Your Bed

24 Comments on “From My Bed of Roses

  1. Sigh. What a lovely life. You deserve it. I planted a mixed variety of radish seeds in a long planter on my patio steps. It is no yelling what kind I will get but I am hoping it will be a lot of the watermelon and French types. I like to spread butter on a cracker and top wit slices of radish and drink with home made lemonade or ginger ale. We have a goid local brand that I dearly love. The bees are buzzing mightily and in and out of their skeps. I will transplant my maters on mother’s day. Don’t you just love gardening?

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  2. Little bits of last year’s brown (not greening yet) are peeking up, here and there, through the remaining 3-6 inches of the remaining snow. We’ve got a while, yet, til we’re there.

    On the plus side: we NEVER broil.

    Enjoyed your work!

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  3. Spring is a glorious time for gardeners. I remember. This year I will have a couple of potted things on my deck……..have to downsize my gardening now I am in an apartment. Smiles.

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  4. Oh, I burn with jealousy. Everything is still dead and brown here, though the tupips have stuck a few green leaves up and the trees have tiny buds, at least. But I know, from having two friends in AZ, that come high summer, I won’t envy the 100 degrees you may be having. It’s a trade-off, and you’re way ahead…for now! 😉

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  5. Very pleasant reading, I’m reminded of my mom’s garden.
    Linda, Linda, quite contrary, with radishes and cherry trees, your garden…
    We are ahead of you bunches, we had a weird wet winter this year with no killing frost. One difference, we have a big blue sky. I don’t know why eastern skies are turquoise? Polution?

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  6. Bed of Roses! Nice take on the prompt… and I needed the flourishing life as I hope we are just entering our warmer weather for good here in NC. We will see.

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  7. I love the joyful up-beat tone of this poem, Linda, and the promise of flowers, fruit and vegetables. I especially enjoyed the image of radishes bulging from the rich black earth and my mouth watered at the thought of them on a cracker slathered with boursin cheese – and I’ve only just had breakfast! I’m happy to say that we don’t broil here – at least not yet!

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  8. Oh gosh this is absolutely stunning 😍😍 I love; “The lemon tree is flourishing in the brilliant light, while bees are busy gathering pollen from each fragrant flower.”❤❤

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