Searching for the Dead

Wikimedia Commons

Heaven-circling vultures searching for the dead
kettling high in the gall-grayed evening sky
grave-groping carrions
with a keen sense of smell.
They care not for the bell-voiced wood thrush
crooning in the arms of an ancient oak;
rather they hear the moon-blown wailing
of the grey wolf in mourning
near the remains of its pregnant mate.

©2021 Linda Lee Lyberg

Author’s Note: I took a dark turn with this prompt. Laura is our guest host and has asked us to write a poem with at least 4 of the word compounds she has chosen from Dylan Thomas’ work. They are:


OWL-LIGHT         RINGED-SEA            SCYTHE-EYED           SHE-BIRD

dVerse Poets Pub: Tuesday Poetics Love the words

31 Comments on “Searching for the Dead

  1. A gothic twist there Linda – great use of the word prompts and the contrast with the bell-voiced wood thrush is profound – especially love
    ” gall-grayed evening sky”

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  2. A dark turn, indeed, from start to finish. You surprised me with that dead pregnant wolf at the end. I find it interesting that I would not have been so nearly disturbed if the carrion had been a deer or other non-apex predator.

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  3. Hyenas and coyotes are in the same carrion club. This was a throbbing good Gothic dip into darkness.

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  4. I admire the darkness of that grief and moon-blown wailing of your poem Linda. I specially like the use of “kettling” high (verbing example).

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  5. It’s deliciously dark, this poem, Linda! I love the ‘grave-groping carrions’ ‘kettling high in the gall-grayed evening sky’ and the contrast between the ‘bell-voiced wood thrush’ and the ’moon-blown wailing of the grey wolf’. Such a sad ending.

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  6. Love the connected vowel sounds of this line Linda: “crooning in the arms of an ancient oak” fine piece! Dark in a wnderful way. Kettle is s great word! 🙂

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