Taimi and the Ancient Willow

Taimi crawls beneath the cascading willow to mourn her lover in peace
imagining the slender weeping leaves are his fingers on her skin
Closing her eyes she yearns to be in his strong arms again

Each day she comes to the magnificent tree watering the ground with her tears
she tells the ancient one her magical wishes, hopes, and secret dreams

And then one day as she is crying, she hears a whispering,
from the bent and aged willow comes a deep voice, offering
a panacea for her painful grief

Dear Taimi each day you come with your sea-salt tears,
I hear your grieving anguish, and I want to ease your fears
I will grant your astounding wish, the one you speak each day
so be still my little one and sleep safe, within my gnarled roots
when you wake you’ll be a tiny sapling with bright green shoots

And to this day, if you listen when you are passing by,
you’ll hear soft ancient sighs and joyous laughter float on high
from the old and young willows swaying in the summer breeze

©2021 Linda Lee Lyberg

Author’s Note: Today Kim is hosting at the Garden and has asked us to write a poem based on Tree Mythology. We can choose from a list she provided, one of our favorites, or create a story of our own. I chose to do the latter. On a side note, the name Taimi means ‘sapling, young tree’ in Finnish.

Imaginary Garden With Real Toads: Tree Mythology

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23 Comments on “Taimi and the Ancient Willow

  1. What an original story, Linda – and it has a willow in it! As you know, I have a willow in my garden, which I love very much. It is also appropriately romantic and sad.

    Liked by 1 person

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