Slipping Into Darkness

“Dispute not with her: she is lunatic.” 
― William Shakespeare, Richard III

Rose on thorny stem
poisoned gift from him
The Cad!
Wretched soul is he
I beg, let me be
struck sad
Within my dark room
cold and eery tomb
quite mad

Yet the fragrance stays
for days after days
Into the black nights
morning comes in whites
on brink of insane
enduring the pain

©2021 Linda Lee Lyberg

Author’s Note: Today Grace is hosting at Dverse and is introducing us to a new Poetry form- the Lai and Lai Nouveau. This is my first try at the form. It seems simplistic but is quite tricky.

dVerse: Poetry Form Lai and Lai Nouveau

18 Comments on “Slipping Into Darkness

  1. So dark and clever, morphing the Lai with Shakespeare; loved it–lots of bright word-smithing. You ain’t afraid of no new forms

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  2. Love the quote and slipping from poisoned gift to fragrance that stays. That’s maddening too. Linda,I can imagine you reading this with – The Cad! –

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  3. This blows me away:
    “Yet the fragrance stays
    for days after days
    Into the black nights”
    the scent clings to her as the madness does
    Beautifully articulated, Linda.

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