Late Afternoon in the Garden

Venus in my Garden: Mesa, Az

By late afternoon the air is cooling, so we take our wine to the garden to enjoy the shade of the velvet Mesquite. The sentinel of our backyard, it stands over 30 feet high. This is the time it begins to bloom with dense clusters of tiny pale yellow flowers on pendulous spikes.

I’ve prepared a plate of Boursin cheese slathered on crackers. One bite appetizers topped with thin sliced radishes plucked from our fertile earth. There is a soothing breeze strong enough to stir the clapper of the bronze Soleri bell. The birds join in with their melodic chirps. From high on her pedestal, Venus presides over us. Love lives here.

golden petals drift
clink of wine glasses ringing-
sunset comes too soon

©2021 Linda Lee Lyberg

dVerse Poets Pub: Haibun Monday- That Picnic

33 Comments on “Late Afternoon in the Garden

  1. These days, eating outside on our covered deck is the extent of our picnic excursions. Your garden sounds lovely; somewhere in the SW?

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  2. you have a gorgeous garden Linda, I have been admiring and loving each detail in your photos over Insta and FB. you created a place where love dwells with safety and respect. the haiku is like the sweetest end to a beautiful day, a picnic blessed by the heavens

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  3. Oh this is lovely! You’ve brought me right into this special place with your details. I am feeling rested and happy having just shared this with you. Thank you!

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  4. How satisfying to picnic in a beautiful garden, especially when the food is Boursin cheese slathered on crackers with your own radishes – well deserved after gardening all day! The sound of the wine glasses rings through the haiku, Linda.

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