A Task of Commitment

Hers was a task of commitment, the last gift he gave her
A beautiful blooming flower as a token of his love
keeping a sacred promise she would go on
living and breathing even though he was gone.

So each day she filled the vessel with raindrops from above
and climbed the stone grey steps to the blue sky looming
hoping to get a glimpse once more of the face she loved
but all that ever greeted her was a fragrant flower blooming.

Over time she grew ancient, weak and grey
with bent back and gleaming hair the color of spun silver
Yet she still made her way up with fresh water to deliver
For she had made a solemn vow and accepted her lonely fate.

At last one day he was waiting, her lover with his smiling face
He took her hand as her aged heart began to race,
and together they walked through heaven’s flowered gate.

©2021 Linda Lee Lyberg

Willow Poetry: What Do You See?

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