Storm Funnel

Mary Frances

The tornado fell from the graphite sky
fueled by storm clouds and winds on high
that fed its hungry fury and filled the dearth
a powerful force as her tumid belly gave birth
to more twisters to dance with destructive mirth.

As they bored over the ground, leaving it defaced
with naught but a foggy field of grey-green laid in waste.

©2021 Linda Lee Lyberg

dVerse Poets Pub: Poetics Ekphrastic Poems- Mary Frances

31 Comments on “Storm Funnel

  1. I almost chose this image. I, too, saw the tornado. I like your line /her tumid belly gave birth to more twisters to dance with destructive mirth/.

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  2. My sister lives in the Midwest, in tornado alley … she spent yesterday afternoon in the basement of her apartment complex …. such a timely write! Well done.

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  3. I have seen on the news stories about the tornadoes touching down. The destruction left behind is mind boggling. Yes, I see that funnel in the distance.

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  4. My goodness this is good! I have often seen the news about hurricanes and tornadoes and have shuddered at its consequences.

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