The Keeper of Secrets

I am the keeper of secrets, and the giver of life. Without me, this garden in the desert would be nothing more than sand. But she saw the potential a long time ago; an opportunity to create an oasis under the canopy of my sprawling arms. She spoke to me and offered me water, and a gentle touch when I needed it most. I’d spent my solitary life ignored and taken for granted until she came along. She whispered her dreams to me, gave my life purpose and meaning. A reason for being.

Over the years, I have listened to her laughter and delight when a new flower appeared from the soil. She has worked so hard to cultivate this earth to become fertile. Tossed in handfuls of worms after fruitless fishing trips. I’ve watched her frantic efforts when the summer sun comes roaring in, scorching this land. Trying to save everyone she can be it plant or animal or man, because that’s who she is. I felt her heart break when she lost one of the roses she and her mom planted together. I’ve listened to her as she cried tears for her dying mother and I wept, for I knew her as well. Her sweet mother, creator of life from a tiny fertile egg that grew into this special human. She loved this gypsy rose woman who has a deep reverence for nature and so do I.

©2021 Linda Lee Lyberg

Poets United: A pantry of Prose #4- From the Point of View of Trees

23 Comments on “The Keeper of Secrets

  1. I believe the trees watch us and cheer on our positive interactions with nature–both successes and failures. I like how you captured that here.

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  2. The opening lines speak truth as trees really are the giver of life. We need them for the very air we breathe. This tree is filled with compassion. A lovely story filled with secrets in the journey.

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  3. A beautifully rendered prose piece. You established an almost mystical quality with your opening line and maintained it throughout … I love it … it works so wonderfully with the content.

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  4. Reading this I really wish some of us could have meaningful conversation with trees and perhaps other living plants. I know that already they give us signs of season and climate change and show if they are in trouble or distressed but I want more…I wonder if they do too?

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  5. Oh yes! ‘the keeper of secrets and the giver of life’ – I am sure that is every tree, and especially those which interact with humans. May all humans be as kind and intelligent as the one in this story … and the one who wrote it.

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  6. Wonderful touching poem about a deep human/tree relationship. I believe in the awareness and wisdom of trees Linda – but then, I often prefer nature over many humans.

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  7. I love these stories of trees and their families and the ways that they bring both tree and family to life.

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  8. Oh, I do believe trees hold our stories, celebrate and grieve with us. This is so beautiful.

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