#Troiku: Rainbow Clouds

sea cliffs beckoning
tempting with fragrant flowers
rainbow clouds drifting

sea cliffs beckoning
following winding shoreline
waves crash against rock

resplendent fragrant flowers
lush greens and scented blooms
a walk in heaven

rainbow clouds drifting
sheaves of sunlight peeking through
God’s painted canvas

©2021 Linda Lee Lyberg

Author’s Note: For the weekend meditation, we have been given two haiku with which to create a ‘fusion’ haiku. We are then to create a Troiku from the fusion haiku. Below are the two haiku:

coming to sea cliffs
the off-shore breeze raises
a flower fragrance

curving with the land
a rainbow of clouds
moves out to sea

© Jane Reichhold (Taken from: “A Dictionary of Haiku”, a Modern Saijiki)

Carpe Diem Weekend Meditation #88 Sea Cliffs

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